Gunè: Gourmet Restaurant in San Frediano, Florence

Between Tuscany and Basilicata, the Union of Traditions

United in Taste

Gunè’s cuisine is a celebration of the Lucanian roots of owner Nicola Langone and his love for Tuscany, a fusion of authentic flavors and creative influences. Our chef, Mirko Margheri, along with his team, dedicates care and attention to each dish, using high-quality ingredients from the regions we cherish. The result is a culinary journey that will transport you through the flavors of our homeland, combined with touches of creativity and refined presentation.

Our Menus

At Gunè, you can experience 3 different tasting menus, 3 taste adventures that have earned us recognition in the Michelin Guide. Each menu – “Memories of a Journey,” “Tradition and Evolution,” and “Vegetal Chromatisms” – can be paired with a selection of wines or cocktails. In addition to the tasting menus, you can also order from the à la carte menu to create your own culinary journey independently.

The Beauty of Getting Hands-On

Gunè’s bread and many of our pasta dishes are entirely handmade, in the spirit of a tradition passed down through generations. Kneading is a simple gesture, albeit less common nowadays, that today more than ever carries the flavor of home, of our origins, of our history.