Gunè Staff

All Together, Like One Big Family

The Owner:
Nicola Langone

The owner of Gunè was born in Aliano, a small village in Basilicata, Matera province – a place where Carlo Levi was exiled and where he requested to be buried.

This fact encapsulates the hospitality of this land, the love it offers through the simplicity of its people. Shortly after coming of age, Nicola moved to Florence, a city that quickly became his second home.

He gained experience in some historic establishments where the interaction with customers, both Florentines and tourists from all over the world, gave him what he loves most about this profession: sharing small moments of life.

Over time, he opened a bar-restaurant and a gelateria near Piazza Duomo, but his strongest desire was to create a modern and metropolitan restaurant tied to his homeland and family roots. Thus, in 2019, Gunè – named after the ancient Greek word for “woman” – was born, a restaurant that pays tribute to women, particularly the strong women in his own family.

The Chef:
Mirko Margheri

From a young age, Mirko Margheri developed a passion for cooking thanks to his grandmother and mother. After attending a hotel school, his desire for experience took over. This curiosity led him outside of Italy – with stops in Paris and London – to deepen his knowledge of innovative techniques that would allow him to maximize his culinary potential. Back in Italy, Chef Margheri had the opportunity to work with prestigious Tuscan mentors, including Marco Stabile and Gaetano Trovato. These experiences further honed his skills. In 2020, he crossed paths with Nicola Langone, who entrusted him with the kitchen of Gunè. Here – after spending time in Lucania learning local traditions and ingredients – he could showcase his undeniable talents and unleash his creativity.

Thanks to the invaluable contributions of his team, Chef Margheri brought Gunè’s menus [link to menus] to life – three tasting journeys that weave together his experiences, Lucanian traditions, and the peculiarities of Florence, the city that hosts the restaurant.

The Bar Manager:
Eleonora Romolini

Born in Florence in 1993, Eleonora Romolini began her career at the Hotel School “Saffi” in Florence where she fell in love with this field, especially bartending. From the age of 16 she then made various experiences in catering, hotels and restaurants, but in the end she found her true love in the bar.

After a fundamental training experience alongside the legendary Maestro del Negroni Luca Picchi of Caffè Gilli, Eleonora Romolini takes over the leadership of the Gunè cocktail bar in mid-2021. This is where she can put her skills to work and show to the Florentines her vision of the world of mixology, trying to combine the passion for fashion and the artistry required in the creation of cocktails.