Gunè has arrived in Oltrarno

It is a place where words, flavors and smells intertwine<
giving life to a true culinary journey.

Gunè are all of us.

Women who love to cook and Women who don’t know how to cook.

Women who love to enjoy the moments that being at the table gives and Women who eat meals quickly because they always have something to do.

But Gunè is still something deeper.

Gunè is much more than a restaurant. It is a place where words, flavors and smells intertwine giving rise to modern reinterpretations of traditional dishes.

An exclusive place to feel at home

A sensory journey that involves sight, smell and flavor, intertwined with
an exclusive place where you can feel perfectly at home.

In the kitchen as in life it takes courage.


Our Menù

born from the knowledge of the raw materials and territories of Gunè, Tuscany and Lucania, from a good dose of courage and a modern touch in the realization.

The beauty of putting your hands in the dough.

A simple gesture, now unusual, which today more than ever has the flavor of home.

Cocktail Bar Gunè

Each cocktail has its own story and when we drink we never choose a random story. We choose that flavor because it represents us, exactly as words do.
The cocktail bar welcomes customers from aperitifs to after-dinners, offering the opportunity to combine dinner with a drink and our special cocktail recipes.

Try our menù!

Dishes with a particular touch that comes from the knowledge of the raw materials of Tuscany and Lucania territories.